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Meet Pastor Ebele!

Pastor (Mrs) Ebele Eruchalu is a seasoned teacher of the Word, an Intercessor, an Author and a Motivational Gospel Speaker. She received the mandate from God in March 1998 to impact women with the message of hope that every believing married woman can be a ‘joyful mother of children'. She has shared this message in various church meetings, in her own ministry, one-to-one with women and now finally has put it down in a book form for it to reach the four corners of the world so that millions of women whose marriages are at its point of breaking can be saved. Pastor Ebele is the President of Fruitful Home Ministry.

Ebele is happily married to Pastor Chris Eruchalu. They are blessed with three covenant children; a set of twin girls (Esther and Faith) and a boy (Chris).

                                                                 Pastor  Ebele's Testimony
Two years before I conceived, I began to buy baby things in two's because I was trusting God for a set of twins. After my wedding, I did not have children until my fourth year. I challenged God that “for my shame, I shall have Double”. I ‘foolishly', was buying baby things for twins even though I had not conceived.

I would call my husband “papa Ejima” and he would call me “mama Ejima”. Eventually, God visited me and I conceived in 1997. When I was eight weeks pregnant, I went to my clinic in Festac Town Lagos, and while scanning me, the radiologist said, 'Madam your baby is fine'. I replied, No sir, ‘my babies are fine'. He said again, ' Madam your baby is doing well'. I replied, ‘No sir my babies are doing well'. At that point he stopped and looked at me seriously on the face and said why are you answering me that way, do you have twins in your family?, I said, ‘no sir, but I know what I agreed with my God, Please check your scan machine well'.

He added more gel on my tummy and began to move his scanner again on my belly. All of a sudden he shouted while pointing at the screen of the scan machine, ‘see the second one' !!! My doctor who stood there watching the drama in amazement declared “Ebele, you called forth the second one”. It was my turn to laugh, and I said to the scan man, “I told you that I know what I agreed with my God”. And that was it. The hand of God kept and preserved the pregnancy until I delivered my twins, Esther and Faith: my bundles of joy. God is indeed faithful.

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Your Joy has come

Psalm 30:5b: Weeping may endure for the night, but joy cometh in the morning.

In that situation of childlessness, you feel like one in a dark tunnel. You come to a point that you do not know what next to do. Listen to this text message I got from a sister after she listened to my radio program and also read my book, IT IS YOUR TURN TO LAUGH, and then came to my counseling office with her husband...


Your Age Shall Not Be a  Barrier

Is your age a discouragement to you? Psalm 92:14-They shall bear fruit in old age; this is God’s word for you. Are you a sister over forty years and still has no child? I announce to you that you shall still bear fruit in old age in Jesus name! ‘It had ceased to be with Sarah after the manner of women’. This means she had stopped menstruating. Yet the same Sarah brought forth a child. Jeremiah 32:17 says- there is nothing too hard for the Lord verse 27 says-‘Behold I am the God of all flesh; is anything too hard for me?’ It is God who forms the babies in the womb. Do not worry about your age; the hand of God can plant that baby in your womb in Jesus name.

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Speak the right words

Your mind is a battle ground. God desires to control it, and the devil also contends to gain control. Whatever you allow into your mind will control it. The Lord is set to do a new thing in your life. From now on, let your confessions be positive concerning your pregnancy and the baby in your womb. As you speak these words consistently and confidently, you will begin to experience the joy and peace of the Holy Ghost .The words you speak are like seed which will always produce after their kind. Make your choice today, what kind of words you will speak with your mouth. Enough of that talk about your past miscarriage or past still-birth.