Testimony Galore

We keep records of testimonies from our women which we will publish to encourage other women that God is at work in the ministry. Enjoy our glorious testimonies below.


Sister U.

Port Harcourt,Nigeria.

Pastor, Good day, good news! Found out that I am pregnant. Have not been feeling too well lately so I decided to run a test. Thank you for your prayers and anointing.

Sister C.


Mummy, I went to do the pregnancy test and it read positive. God has done it. You are a wonderful mother. I am very happy

Pregnant Woman in a Dress

Sister A.


Mummy, I just got my test result and it is positive. I know that my David and Daniel are intact. Thank you, Ma.


Sister V.

 Port Harcourt,Nigeria.

Good afternoon ma, please thank God for me I am pregnant. My God has answered my prayer. I am very happy. Thank you mummy for your prayers.