Who we are

A Calling by God on his handmaiden, Pastor (Mrs.) Ebele Eruchalu on March 23 1998. The very day I delivered my set of twin girls-my bundles of joy till date.

As I sat on the delivery bed in the labor room after the second twin came out and both girls were being cleaned by the nurses and I was watching, a Word came sharply to me...

"What God has done for you, He will use you as an instrument to impact on millions of women who are facing the shame of barrenness, and they will get their own breakthrough"

Right from the birth of the twins, my testimony has been a challenge to lots of women; many have received their own breakthrough through my prayers and counseling.

Mission Statement

Demonstrating that the Almighty God is still in His business of Miracles, Visitations, Restoration, and Healing. 


Mode of Operation

The ministry is run by the President, Pastor (Mrs.) Ebele Eruchalu. She ministers this message of hope to millions of homes all over the world via the radio, her books and also this website. She holds a prayer /counseling meeting called Jesus Clinic every Saturday evening at 4 pm during which couples who have challenges of infertility or problematic pregnancy are prayed for. Dr. Jesus will heal everyone in the 'Jesus Clinic' because the power of God is always awesome.